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What You Need To Know About A Root Canal

What You Need To Know About A Root CanalHearing that you need a root canal can be scary, but it does not have to be.

A root canal is a serious dental procedure, but it is a common routine as well. To prepare for your visit, here are some things that are important to know about the root canals procedure!

What Is A Root Canal?

• Root canals are the removal of the pulp in your tooth.

Getting a filling for a cavity is simply taking a piece of the tooth out that has been infected and decayed, and replacing it with material to patch the hole. Most of the time, this is the ideal way to take care of tooth decay that has turned into a cavity. It allows you to keep as much of your tooth as possible.

But in some cases, the infection and decay are too severe to be fixed with a filling. Untreated cavities can become deep, and when the pulp or soft tissue inside your tooth becomes infected by bacteria, a root canal is necessary to fix the problem.

• Root canals generally require two procedures.

After your dentist removes the pulp or soft tissue that has been infected from your tooth, the hole will be filled in with a material that is rubberlike. This is called gutta percha. On top of the gutta percha, a temporary filling will be placed so that you can eat and chew without pain.

At a separate appointment, the temporary filling will be taken off the tooth, and a permanent crown will be put over top to restore the tooth completely. In some cases, a tiny supporting post will also be put in the root chamber of your tooth so that the entire restoration is stronger and more stable.

• It’s essential that you take care of your teeth and gums after your root canal.

A root canal can fix a badly infected tooth, but it’s important that you continue taking care of your teeth and gums after your root canal. Initially, you had to get a root canal because of an infection, but in certain cases, the root canal may not have completely cured the infection. To be sure, you’ll need to return to the dentist a few months after your second root canal appointment and get an x-ray that will help ensure that the infection has been completely eradicated.

You also need to continue with your biannual dental cleaning visits and continue taking care of your teeth and gums at home by brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

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