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What’s the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Discolored teeth or stains on teeth in noticeable areas might make you reluctant to smile in front of other people. You might also be highly self-conscious about chatting with others if it means showing your teeth. Fortunately, there are teeth whitening options available to those with discolored teeth or tooth stains, but it’s important to make sure you choose the right one. Keep the following in mind while weighing your options and deciding which teeth whitening treatment to go with at our San Ramon, CA dental office.
Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products
If your teeth only have mild stains or discoloration, over-the-counter products could be a good and convenient solution. However, you should be aware that whitening strips and other over-the-counter products do not have whitening agents that are as effective as those used in professional treatments. Some of these products can also irritate your gums. They can also lead to increased tooth sensitivity, so it’s best to check with our San Ramon dentists before using any.
In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening
Our dentists in San Ramon offers professional teeth whitening treatments that take place at the office. During these treatments, our dentist uses whitening products that are stronger than what you’ll find in drugstores. These stronger bleaching agents are able to break stains and discolorations up more effectively, leading to whiter teeth. If you have yellowish teeth due to age or other causes, in-office teeth whitening is generally a good option. In-office treatments are usually not as effective for patients with brownish stains or grayish ones, which can occur from certain medications, trauma or tobacco products. In this case, our dentist will discuss other options with you, such as dental veneers. Keep in mind that professional teeth whitening isn’t suitable for dental crowns or other artificial teeth or fillings.
Take Home Whitening Kits
Take home teeth whitening kits offer more convenience and usually cost less than in-office treatments. Our dentist at our San Ramon location gives you whitening gel and a tray that you wear in your mouth for a specified period of time in the comfort of your home. These kits might not work as effectively if you have more severe discolorations or stains, since they don’t use bleaching agents that are as strong as in-office treatments. If you have mild stains and don’t want to have to come in for teeth whitening, take home teeth whitening kits are a good option.
Patients with Gum Problems
If you have gingivitis, periodontal disease or other gum problems, our dentist is not likely to recommend teeth whitening. Since these types of treatments can cause increased gum irritation, our dentist in San Ramon might recommend other ways to improve your smile, such as bonding. However, if you’re able to improve the health of your gums, you might become a good candidate for professional teeth whitening.
If you have discolored teeth and need teeth whitening, please contact Draper Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment with our dentist in San Ramon. We offer professional teeth whitening services to help you make your teeth look brighter and healthier.